PDUs awarded

First open project list by selecting 'Projects' from the 'Projects' menu. To view the project click on the name link. Following information is shown.

Left hand side of the screen:

  • Project information (duration, cost, start and finish times, percent complete information, calendar, distribution, number of simulation rounds). Percent complete is calculated as a weighted average of tasks' percent complete information.
  • Calculation mode (yes/no)
  • Time of creation
  • Link for editing the project
  • Links for creating new tasks and comments
  • Link for deleting the project
  • Button for changing the calculation mode (on/off). If calculation is on, task planned start times are calculated based on predecessors' planned end times and they cannot be changed manually in the task edit display. If calculation is off, task planned start times can be set manually regardless of predecessors' end times. Click on the button to change mode.
  • Graphical representation of project's planned and actual durations and costs and the percent complete information. Note that simulation plan is required for showing actuals.
  • Task table based on task hierarchy. Table shows task name, start and end time, cost as well as edit and delete links.

task table

  • Project schedule as a Gantt chart, which shows task hierarchy and dependencies.


  • Following items are visible for users having the simulation plan:
    • 'Use actuals' button. Click on the button to see tasks' actual costs, start and end times in the task table. Also resource load (see below) is then shown based on tasks' actual start and end times. After clicking the button the text changes to 'Use planned data'. To return to the planned data click the button again.
    • Resource load. You can view resource load by selecting the resource and interval (days, weeks, months) in corresponding drop-down menus and clicking on the 'Show load with given resource' button.
    • Earned value calculations for the project. You can hide calculations by clicking on the 'Hide earned value' button and show them again by clicking on the 'Show earned value' button.
    • Simulation buttons (run simulation, show and remove simulation results as well as check simulation status)

Right hand side of the screen:

  • Project comments
  • Users with simulation plan see also other users from own organization both having and not having project edit rights. Edit rights allow viewing the project and updating its tasks. Click on the 'Set edit rights' button to set rights and on the 'Remove edit rights' button to remove them.

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